PC Power & Cooling Debuts First UPS

Nemo - April 6, 2009 07:07PM in Power Supplies

PC Power and cooling are know for their high-end power supplies and now they've entered the UPS market with the announcement of the Pro-Source 1500VA uninterruptible power supply. The unit provides 1500VA/900W at 97% efficiency. What makes the Pro-Source 1500 unique is that it offers a pure sine wave output instead of a step sine wave found on lesser units. PCP&C claims a 10 minute run time under a 600W load. Power can monitored via software using a USB or Ethernet cable and the unit can keep you apprised of power failures via e-mail and pager alerts. The unit also features a front display panel that provides feedback on critical items such as battery charge level, temperature, load, input/output voltages and remaining backup time. The units uses 3 12V, 7Ah rechargeable lead acid batteries which are replaceable. The Pro-Source 1500 sells for about $300US and comes with a 3-year warranty.