Retro Mod: The Commodore 64 Laptop

jammin - April 6, 2009 11:56AM in Modding

If you are old enough to remember the original Commodore 64 (which was released back in 1982) then you'll probably be suitably impressed by the latest in a long line of mods from Ben Heck (which have included laptop versions of the PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii). The Commodore 64 laptop manages to successfully capture all of the beige plastic style of the original machine, though it opts for some modern touches, such as the SD card emulation of the old floppy drive. It does however make use of a C64C motherboard and is powered with a Gamecube power supply. For that authentic experience you even get long loading times, taking you back to the time when making a snack while waiting for your game to start was common practise. While I never owned a C64 myself (it was a little before my time) similar experiences with a Spectrum and an Amiga 500 (which came along later, but was still decidedly beige) mean I am not surprised to hear this is apparently one of Ben Heck's favourite mods to date. You can see a video of the machine in action by following the link.