NVIDIA Releases New ForceWare Beta Drivers

gebraset - April 4, 2009 09:00PM in Video Cards, Software

Going through the year, all companies usually release new and updated drivers for their products, and two main companies that computer enthusiasts and gamers follow are both AMD and NVIDIA. New Catalyst software for Radeon cards is released every month, and GeForce drivers are found on a semi-regular basis as well. Recently though, new ForceWare drivers have been pushed out from the graphics card manufacturer, labeled as 182.65, though there is also a 182.66 build up for download at the moment. In this version comes a new interesting feature, known as ambient occlusion, which is a function inside the control panel of the updated beta version of the NVIDIA ForceWare drivers. This option allows for some older games, such as Half-Life 2 and World of Warcraft, and some newer games, such as World in Conflict, to experience shadows that are normally hidden because of their softness in areas like the corners of a room and where objects meet walls. Sadly, this lighting enhancement will cost most games a frame rate hit of anywhere from twenty or forty percent, but should not be a problem on more advanced systems. The green team has also only included the feature inside of the new beta driver, and not the 182.50 ones that are considered stable for consumers.