PlayStation 3 Firmware Gets Updated

gebraset - April 4, 2009 06:09PM in Gaming

Recently Sony has released a new firmware for the PlayStation 3, putting it up to version 2.70 for the console. The new update brings a couple welcomed features by the gaming community, including chat options, the ability to synchronize PSP video, and even the ability to backup and save video content purchased with the PlayStation game system to an external hard drive. With chatting, users can talk to up to fifteen people, while in-game, out of game, or during the process of transferring between the two. This feature alone is making more people want to download the update from Sony and receive it themselves. Two more bonuses to the new firmware is that file attachments can now be up to the size of 3MB, up from the previous 1MB limit, and that the friends list can be sorted in multiple ways, including alphabetically, or by online status.