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Intel loses market share to AMD

Category: CPU's
Posted: 02:11AM

After the release of Intel's Core 2 Duo microprocessors, AMD lost a massive amount of market share. Now with the economic crisis, and every penny counting, AMD have seen a nice boost in market share especially since AMD dominates Intel in low price, high performance. With the introduction of AMD's Phenom II, AMD have given Intel's Core 2 Quads a run for their money, especially since AMD's new microprocessors are cheaper, and in almost all cases out-paces most of the Core 2 Quads. Later this month AMD will release new quad-core Phenom IIs which should pose some sort of threat to Intel's Core i7. Time will tell, and it's time that AMD regain some ground in the market.

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Guest comment
mygod on April 4, 2009 02:48AM
it's loses not looses ffs.
MrAlex on April 4, 2009 03:19AM
Ok, calm down...everyone makes mistakes once in a while.
Flibo on April 4, 2009 04:45AM
Nice, we'll see some competition :)
Guest comment
Snarf Jabroni on April 5, 2009 09:43AM
Hey fanboi, do you have any links or stats from iSupply or any other CREDIBLE source that backs up your "AMD have seen a nice boost in market share" claim?
geek3k on April 7, 2009 02:30AM
AMD have always surprised us, and their strategy wen they went down the pan proved it. its been done again on the gaphics market. i wont be surprised now either. haha. damn i baought an c2q 6700. shud of waited. lol

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