OCZ's 90% Efficient Power Supplies

DLS2008 - April 3, 2009 06:27PM in Power Supplies

OCZ Technology Group, Inc. has just released the Z-Seires of highly efficient power supplies. There will be three styles to choose from : Z550, Z650, and Z1000. The numbers in the power supply's name implies its wattage, i.e. Z550 is 550W. The Z1000 earned the 80 Plus Gold 90% efficiency standard, and the Z550 and Z650 both met the 80 Plus Silver efficiency standard. The Z1000 managed a typical efficiency (50% load) of 90.93%, the Z650 scored a typical efficiency of 89.19%, and the Z550 earned a typical effiicency of 88.91%. A unique feature, the Z1000 will be available in both modular and non-modular designs. The new line of power supplies will hit the reail market later this spring and will be sold with a 5 year warranty.