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Biological Battery Bonanza

Category: General News
Posted: 09:36AM

Okay, so it's not a bonanza. But it is a biological battery. Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created the ultimate environmentally friendly battery. The technology has a virus that was genetically engineered to create an anode by coating themselves with cobalt oxide and gold, and then self-assembling to form a nanowire. It also has a virus for the cathode: they coat themselves with iron phosphate, and then attach to carbon nanotubes, in order to create a network of highly conductive material. Neither virus is harmful to humans. And while it currently only goes for 100 cycles of charge and discharge (A lithium-ion battery goes for 300-500), the scientists believe they will be able to go for longer. Plus, you know, they have the whole "we-don't-hurt-the-earth" thing. I guess it does take a rocket scientist...

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slick2500 on April 3, 2009 01:37PM
Yeah and just wait for this virus to mutate into something horrible then we'll have a huge problem.
Andrewr05 on April 3, 2009 05:16PM
Exactly, Does the book Prey come to mind?

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