Ritz Camera Closing Stores; Liquidations to Follow

DLS2008 - April 2, 2009 08:54PM in Digital Photography/Video

Ritz Camera will be closing almost half of its stores. This is part of the new bankruptcy status Ritz Camera has found itself in. A total of 300 Ritz Camera retail stores will close out of a total of 700 retail stores currently open. The press release stated the liquidation will continue until "everything is sold to the bare walls." This means that everything in the store, not just camera equipment, will go. If you've been looking to pick up any new camera equipment, now is you chance to get a great deal on some. If you've been looking for somewhere to put your Folding farm, now is your chance to pick up cheap shelving. If you have a Ritz Camera store near you, it's probably in your best interest to drop by and see what's for sale. Ritz Camera also owns other chains, such as Boater's World, Wolf Cameras, and Kits Cameras. Boater's World's 137 stores are also slated to close.  The Ritz Camera chain all started with a single store in Atlantic City in 1918, now they are barely hanging on. A full list of the stores that will be closing can be found here.