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Swedish Traffic Down

Category: Internet
Posted: 05:58AM

And no, I don't mean the kind you sit in to go to work. Since the new anti-piracy law, IPRED, went into effect yesterday, internet traffic in the country has dropped. That's according to Computer Sweden, as traffic over Netnod, a company that measures most of the Internet traffic between Swedish and international networks, was 80Gbps Wednesday. That's compared to 120Gps on Tuesday, and traffic being steady (i.e. not dropping 40Gps) the previous week. However, the company is not saying there is a link between the two events. IPRED, or the Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Directive, will require ISP's to give IP addresses to copyright holders when courts find proof of illegal activities. However, groups are trying to combat the law. The Pirate Bay is offering a service called IPREDator, which will shield your IP address. The Pirate Party, which lobbies for and open, free and anonymous internet, has also said to stop encryption on wireless networks, as this can allow others to use it and dissociate yourself from the crime.

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