Electronic Arts Loosens DRM Stance

ClayMeow - April 1, 2009 07:06PM in Gaming

It was only a matter of time that Electronic Arts would realize that aggressive DRM hurts more than it helps. When EA published Spore last year, the backlash to its initial SecuROM three-install limit was enormous, eventually leading EA to increase the install limit to five. Still, to many people, the mere inclusion of SecuROM was enough to keep them away (or worse yet, lead them to acquire pirated, cracked versions), so EA began selling it on Steam, DRM-free. Still, since May of 2008, EA has used SecuROM in 19 of its PC games. Fortunately, EA has recently announced that customers can now "deauthorize" computers to get around the install limits. More importantly, EA Play head Rod Humble announced that The Sims 3 would be without SecuROM. Set to release on June 2 (my birthday), The Sims 3 will go back to the good old days of serial keys and no online authentication required.