The Courts are Filled with Intel Suits

redtigerdragon - March 27, 2009 06:40AM in Copyright Infringers

I wouldn't recommend buying stock in Intel anytime soon (or stocks period, but that's another matter), as it seems Nvidia has filed a countersuit against Intel. The suit alleges that Intel has breached the 2004 agreement between the two companies by not allowing it to build motherboard chipsets for Intel processors that use integrated memory controllers (i.e. Core i7). Nvidia claims that Intel is being unreasonable by denying these rights, but simultaneously maintaining its own access to NVIDIA's patents. Intel has said that the license only extends to processors with discrete memory controllers. Nvidia says that they are just trying to stall so that Nvidia cannot make a better chipset than Intel's. Looks like Intel is going to be seeing a lot of courtrooms this year.