Unreal Tournament 3 - Free Weekend Encore

ClayMeow - March 13, 2009 03:44PM in Gaming

Last week, I posted that Unreal Tournament 3 was free to play for the entire weekend, including the recently released Titan Pack expansion. Unfortunately, many people couldn't access the game. Not only did people have to download over 8GB of data, but they had to compete with others for the bandwidth, and apparently Valve didn't do a very good job estimating what the bandwidth usage would be. In fact, even owners of the full retail game had problems downloading the expansion pack. As such, the free weekend ended before many people even finished the download, let alone played it. So to appease those that couldn't access the game last weekend, Valve is offering an Unreal Tournament 3 Free Weekend Encore. Due to the problems experienced last week, I held on to my "pre-loaded" UT3, expecting that Valve may indeed offer up a free weekend again (they're a great company like that). If you didn't happen to keep it, hopefully Valve dedicated a few more servers this time around.