Giving A New Meaning To The Term Eyewitness Reporting

Lijooni - March 12, 2009 11:30AM in Digital Photography/Video

In an inspiring tale of turning disability into ability, a filmmaker named Rob Spence plans to use the camcorder built into his prosthetic eye for unconventional filmwork. His eye was shot out when he was a child and he's been forced to see the world with one eye ever since. But this one eye does not mean that he's one-sighted, focused only on tragedy and gloom. On the contrary, Spence plans to use his prosthetic camcorder to bring to light the extent of government surveillance and possible breaches of our privacy that go unnoticed. Spence is currently making a documentary using his unique video recording ability, reminding me of my favorite saying, "When life hands you lemons, you paint them 'thangs gold and try to sell them on the street."