Safari 4 Already Square in Hacker's Sights

Crow47 - March 9, 2009 02:28AM in Software

Last year Charlie Miller won $10,000 in Vancouver for hacking into a Macbook Air using an exploit in Apple's web browser Safari. Now, Charlie Miller has set his sights on Safari 4, and he claims he can do it again come time for the third annual contest in two weeks. Even before the contest has started, Miller is adding steam to the train of hype leading up to the contest, saying that Apple's browser will be the first to fall in the line of browsers hacked. Miller chalks the vulnerability up to a lack of address space randomization technique, also known as ASLR, which helps make software more secure. To Apple's credit, the final build of Safari will have this technology, but the version he will be hacking is a beta. However, this isn't stopping Miller from dealing an embarassing blow to the newest version of Apple's browser. If he is successful, he will take home not only money, but the satisfaction of having hacked yet another version of a browser marketed as one of the most secure around.