Cybersecurity Director Resigns

oldfett - March 7, 2009 10:02PM in General News

The chief director of the National Cybersecurity Center, Rod Beckstrom, tendered his resignation on Friday. The former Silicon Valley entrepreneur also submitted a letter with his resignation criticizing the National Security Agency's role in cybersecurity, which was published in the Wall Street Journal. The National Cybersecurity Center was created in March of 2008 and coridinated all of the nations cybersecurity efforts, it answers directly to the Department of Homeland Security. In a response to the letter the Department of Homeland Security declared that it has a solid relationship with the NSA and both are hard at work to protect the nations various networks and connectivity. In Beckstrom's letter he states that the NSA has dominating control of the nation's cyber security, he also goes on to state that the center does not receive adequate funding for the work to be accomplished. His resignation will be complete on March 13th.