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[email protected] Passes Milestone

Category: Software, General News
Posted: 11:20PM

Many people in this age are being plagued by many diseases, including cancer which at the moment, is growing at an alarming rate and has no known cure. [email protected] is Stanford’s attempt to gain processing power of computers to solve and understand how proteins fold, both correctly and incorrectly. The project has just announced that it has passed over the five petaflop mark. This comes as an amazing accomplishment, as even the top five most powerful supercomputers combined can not even produce this number of information. The top supercomputer, known as Roadrunner, can only produce 1.46 petaflops itself, which obviously shows the greatness in the [email protected] milestone. As always on Overclockers Club, it is encouraged to continue to fold for both science, and team leadership points.

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