Overclockers Club Clothing

d3bruts1d - March 7, 2009 05:28PM in OCC News

I've got some great news for everyone. Our friends at Hacker Threads have stocked back up on Overclockers Club gear! Head on over there to pick up an Overclockers Club T-shirt, polo, or hoodie. All items are available in black, white, or the member preferred navy and come in sizes up to 2X.

For an additional $3 you can get any item personalized. Get your name, OCC handle, or whatever (up to 12 characters) printed on the sleeve. If you need suggestions for the personalization, may I suggest "d3 rules!"?

Be sure to check out the store for some larger, and front and back views of the gear. We'd love to see our members modeling the OCC swag, so post a picture of your bad self in this thread. Also, if there is any additional merchandise you'd like to see the OCC logo on, let us know (using the same thread) and we'll see what we can work out with our partner.