AMD "March AMDness" Bundle Deals

jammin - March 6, 2009 07:15PM in Manufacturers

An email hit our inbox not long ago from AMD to let us know about some bundle deals that are being offered at various online retailers. The deals focus on Phenom II processors, which can be paired up with AMD motherboards or graphics cards for a bit of a discount. The Phenom II already offers good value for money, so this should sweeten the deal a little should you be looking at putting together a new system. The offers are currently running at Newegg, Mwave, ZipZoomfly, Canada Computers, NCIX, Memory Express and ECS. We are told that both Amazon and Tiger Direct will also be offering these bundle deals soon. If you hadn't got it already (but I'm sure you did, right?) AMDness is of course a play on MADness.