Corsair Showing Off Prototype Chassis At CeBit

jammin - March 5, 2009 01:08PM in Cases

If you look at the big component manufacturers nowadays, there aren't many that just produce one type of product. For example, most now sell power supplies under their own brands, and when not having a product available in the marketplace means you aren't competing for customer's money it makes sense. Corsair, traditionally a memory producer, expanded into the power supply market with great success and they now look to be aiming for the same thing in the market for PC chassis. It is showing off a prototype full tower case at CeBit in Hannover this week, which on first glance appears to have been well thought out.

Though the case doesn't have a name yet, it does have a few noteworthy features. These include a motherboard tray with numerous wire management openings (with the kind of rubberised grips you see on those designed for water tubing), as well as one large enough to change CPU heatsink backplates without removing the motherboard. There is also space for up to four hot-swappable hard drives accessible through the front panel, space up top to mount a triple radiator and a bottom section for PSU mounting. Naturally, there is no word on what we can expect price wise, but PC World believe it should hit stores in May.