Could NVIDIA be Your Next Processor?

Crow47 - March 5, 2009 08:32AM in CPU's

The plot thickened on Tuesday, as the ongoing public battle between NVIDIA and Intel gets deeper. NVIDIA announced at the Morgan Stanley Technology Conference in San Francisco that the company has plans to produce a x86 processor in the next two to three years. During a Q and A session at the conference, NVIDIA’s senior vice president of investor relations and communications, Michael Hara was asked if NVIDIA would ever consider producing an x86 processor. He responded by saying that the question was more “when” and not “if”.

However, he went on to say that their processor would be targeted more at smaller systems, and for the time being, the Ion platform would suffice. It seems that he feels entering the processor market is simply a logical evolution in their product line, albeit if it’s a bit far off. Looks like Intel for now is safe, and even then they won’t have much to worry about, as Hara said that they would not enter the higher end processor market. Will you find an nVidia processor powering your desktop of the future? Only time will tell.