Asus Marine Cool Fights Heat and Looks Good Doing it

Crow47 - March 3, 2009 04:32PM in Motherboards

A few days ahead of CeBIT in Hannover, Germany, Asus has released photos of what it calls the “Marine Cool” high performance motherboard concept. While not only visually striking, the Marine Cool features several innovative enhancements to the typical motherboard design, such as a ceramic back plate to help dissipate heat and provide additional rigidity to the board. Considering the size of such high-end coolers recently, this is a logical step in the evolution of the desktop motherboard. The Marine Cool also uses laptop SO-DIMM memory sticks as opposed to the normal desktop memory, allowing Asus to save space on the motherboard. The motherboard prominently features several large heatsinks covering various areas of the motherboard, such as the north and southbridge. It remains to be seen if a motherboard so visually appealing can perform as good as it looks. Asus intends to release more details at CeBIT.