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Google Adds Multiple Inboxes To GMail; Not What You Think

Category: Internet
Posted: 05:37AM

On Thursday Google added a feature that they are calling "Multiple Inboxes" to GMail via the GMail Labs. It isn't exactly multiple inboxes as many of you may think. The new feature allows you to specify up to 5 different labels that can be displayed on your main GMail page, in addition to the normal inbox. To make use of this feature, you really need to have filters set up to automatically apply labels to incoming messages. For example, my GMail account checks my OCC email as well as my ISP email. Any message that comes in is automatically labeled appropriately, and skips the inbox completely. I also have a filter set up that checks for messages with certain key words in the subject or from sections, and will automatically label those messages as receipts and bills. It really comes in handy with keeping my main inbox clean. Now, I can display the content of those filters along side (or above or below) my current inbox.

There is one thing I don't like, if you set the boxes to the right of your inbox you lose the check box option. However, if it is above or below your inbox, the check boxes are available. Click below to see some additional images I snagged for you.

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