CyberPower Announces Phenom II X4 Gaming PCs

jammin - February 7, 2009 03:35AM in Prebuilts

CyberPower announced its new Gamer Dragon series of custom pre-builts yesterday, utilizing AMD's Phenom II X4 CPUs. There are three models in the series, starting with the entry level Gamer Dragon 8000, followed by the mid-range Gamer Dragon 9000 and topped off with the high-end Gamer Dragon CrossFire X Ultimate. The CrossFire X system features the AMD Phenom II 940 CPU, an Asetek liquid cooling system and a pair of 2GB HD 4870 video cards all wrapped up in a NZXT Khaos chassis. That will set you back $2235, with the Gamer Dragon 9000 and 8000 offering more affordable single graphics card configurations. All models have a wide range of customization options and come with a 3-year limited warranty and free lifetime labor and phone support.