IT Security Study States The Obvious - Humans Are The Weak Link

jammin - February 5, 2009 05:42PM in General News

Deloitte publishes a study on IT security annually, which inevitably comes to the same conclusion every year; that human error is the biggest threat to security. Human error clocked in as the greatest weakness for this past year (at 86%), followed by technology (at 63%). Social networking and new technology were identified as critical threats, though some postives also came out of the report. For example external breaches from viruses and worms for those responding dropped from 43% in 2007 to just 15% in 2008. Email and phising attacks also dropped off, falling to 24% (from 57%) and 7% (from 38%) respectively. Human error isn't likely to suddenly go away though, so just remember to think before you click (and let something nasty in the back door).