Amazon Game Download Store (Beta)

d3bruts1d - February 4, 2009 06:06AM in Gaming may have started out as an online bookstore in 1995, but since then it has grown to be America's largest online retailer and sells just about everything. Over the last few years, has introduced DRM-free MP3 downloads as a competitor to Apple's dominate iTunes, as well as their own Video On Demand (formally called Unbox) service that allows people to download movies and TV shows to their PC, Mac, or TiVo DVR.

Yesterday made the next step in their digital download department, video games. According to the Blog, the new Game Download Store has over 600 games available for less than $10. Right now it doesn't look like there are any "major" games available through the service, it appears to be mainly the games you would already find in the $10 bin at Wal-Mart. Also, every game in the library has a free 30 minute demo available.

Game downloads are nothing new, game publishers (EA, Ubisoft) and a number of other services (Impulse, Steam) have been doing this for a while now. Like Steam, it appears as the game information is tied to your account and can be downloaded again should something happen to your computer.