Over 90,000 Sex Offender Profiles Identified on MySpace

Nemo - February 3, 2009 09:26PM in Internet

When Connecticut's Attorney General's office subpoenaed MySpace looking for registered sex offenders it got more than it bargained for. Somewhere around 90,000 member are registered sex offenders which is about 40,000 more than previously disclosed. MySpace was quick to point out that those 90,000 profiles were uncovered over the course of two years and all have been removed from the site. Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal blasted MySpace for not having the proper controls in place to prevent sex offenders from creating profiles in the first place. MySpace, on the other hand, stressed its role in cooperating with law enforcement and states attorneys generals and pledged its support of any investigations that might take place. Blumenthal's office has also issued a subpoena to Facebook and is waiting for that site's response.