Buy It Now: 867-5309 Being Sold On eBay

d3bruts1d - February 3, 2009 06:20AM in General News

There is a pretty good chance you've heard the number 867-5309. A song with those digests was made popular by Tommy Tutone in the 80's, and has been getting stuck in people's heads ever since. So, why am I writing about this 80's song on OCC you ask? This morning I received an email linking to an eBay auction for the number. Yes, the famous number is being sold by someone who manged to snag it on Vonage VoIP service.

According to the current owner, his number (201) 867-5309 is one of the few remaining active 867-5309 numbers still in service and receives 8,000 - 10,000 calls per year. The auction has over 120 bids and is currently sitting at $365,300.00. With just over 6 days left in the auction, you had better hurry if you want to own this ultimate piece of pop culture. ;)