Elton John Produces New iPod Nano Line

gebraset - February 2, 2009 08:48PM in Music / Video Players

Apple has been one to produce many variations of their music devices, offering up products such as the Shuffle, iPod Touch, iPod Classic, and the iPod Nano. With each product comes different colors that allow the consumer to somewhat personalize their music device. Elton John, who is best known for his musical talents, will be releasing a new lineup of iPods in the Nano form. The new revisions will benefit the Elton John AIDS foundation and will be able to be found in both 8GB and 16GB forms with each featuring different colors of Swarovski Crystal. Though some people may want to pick up the device just to benefit the foundation in a unique way, the line will be hard to find. This is due to Apple only making the new Elton John iPods in a limited amount, as only 100 of each colors will be produced, which include black, blue, orange, green, purple, pink, red, yellow, and silver.