The Internet Is Bad, Or Google Is Broken

d3bruts1d - January 31, 2009 08:18AM in Internet

While searching for the Google Android Market website for the last article I posted, I encountered a strange issue with Google. It marked the Google Android Market link as malware. But it wasn't just that site, anything I search for right now is getting listed as "This site may harm your computer".

My guess is one or more of Google's systems is encountering an error right now, as the "This site may harm your computer" link times out resulting in a 502 Server Error. While this is broken, I am unable to click any links from a Google search.

A number of members in our forums are also reporting issues with Google Search.

Update: It appears that Google has resolved whatever issue was going on. The tubes are now working again.

Update 2: The Google Blog has been updated with information concerning the events this morning. The issue was caused by human error, where a URL of '/' ended up in the filter list, thus flagging everything.