Gigapan Imager Helps Create 1,474 Megapixel Inauguration Photo

jammin - January 26, 2009 05:58AM in Digital Photography/Video

The Gigapan Imager is a small robotic photography platform that takes the pain (and human unpredictability) out of taking huge panoramas by stitching together large numbers of photos. Photographer David Bergman made use of one, along with his Canon G10, during president Obama's inauguration to create a monstrous 1,474 megapixel image that is made up of 220 individual images stitched together. It took the Gigapan software more than six and a half hours to compose the image on Bergman's Macbook Pro, with the resulting file weighing in at almost 2 gigabytes. You can view the image at Gigapan's site, where users have helpfully tagged some interesting sights for you to zoom in on. You can discuss this story in our forums.