Nvidia Launches Three New Mobile Graphics Processors

Nemo - January 8, 2009 02:25PM in Video Cards

In keeping with the theme of Las Vegas where the CES 2009 is currently underway, Nvidia has just upped the ante in graphics processing power for mainstream notebooks with three new GPUs. The GeForce 100M series lineup includes the the GeForce G105M, the GeForce G110M and the GeForce GT 130M graphics processors and represent what Nvidia is calling a "significant performance increase". The GeForce G105M is over 55% faster than the previous NVDIA product in its segment, while the GeForce G110M is 35% faster than Nvidia's previous mainstream GPU. The GeForce GT 130M is around 17% faster than its predecessor. Along with greater processing power also comes support for mew advances in Nvidia's PhysX and parallel processing. Nvidia also says that the the GeForce 100M Series GPUs support the growing number of applications that use the power in the GPU's 8 to 32 processor cores for more than rendering pixels to the screen - from GPU-accelerated distributed computing applications, GPU-accelerated game physics and GPU-accelerated video conversion. Hmmm. does that mean they will support [email protected] on these new GPUs?