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OCC to Participate in the 12th Annual Build Your Own PC Race for Charity at CES!

Category: OCC News
Posted: 07:40PM

One of the hottest events at CES is the Build Your Own PC Race with the winner being awarded a $10,000 check to give to his/her favorite charity. This year OverclockersClub was one of only 30 groups invited to participate and our own ccokeman will be representing us. The race will take place on the first night of CES, January 8th. Pre-race festivities begin at 5:30PM Pacific Time with the race to begin at 7:00PM PST. This year's race will be broadcast and you will be able to watch it LIVE here on OCC!! We're working on getting the live stream set up and will post more details as soon as we can. Clear your calendars and join us in cheering ccokeman on as he competes in this worthwhile cause.

Congratulation to OCC's contestant, ccokeman, for an amazing 6th place finish this year with a very respectable time of 7:18!

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RHKCommander959 on January 6, 2009 09:13PM
Good luck!!! Do participants get the equipment, or do they bring their own I wonder?
ClayMeow on January 6, 2009 09:33PM
The contest wouldn't be fair if everyone could choose the parts to put in.
slngsht on January 6, 2009 10:36PM
does it have to turn on once it's put together? lol
uneedav8 on January 7, 2009 01:48AM
Add water cooling and really make it interesting = )
RHKCommander959 on January 7, 2009 10:12AM
true, I just read up on it :D You only need 3 screws to hold a motherboard in place!!! go get 'em!
d3bruts1d on January 7, 2009 10:55AM
How will you be steaming the event?? uTube Live, uStream, Justin.tv, or something generic?? Let us know soon so we can get setup. :D
Nemo on January 7, 2009 01:24PM
There'll be a link posted sometime this evening you can use.
d3bruts1d on January 7, 2009 02:00PM
Sweet... you are using uStream. :D I already have an account there.
CrissTM on January 7, 2009 11:14AM
And if some of us are at work ?! How can we see this than ?!
malmsteenisgod on January 7, 2009 01:33PM
Good luck CCokeman. I hope that charity money goes to a really good cause.
CheeseMan42 on January 7, 2009 02:25PM
Since its PST I should be back from the gym by then. Can't wait.
tkrow21 on January 7, 2009 03:30PM
lol they have a connection problem right now
flareback on January 7, 2009 04:20PM
good luck ccokeman. what is OCC charity of choice?
cirro on January 8, 2009 04:46AM
from what i know of some of the people im happy to have him represent us. GL man!
IIxNullxII on January 8, 2009 09:16AM
Good luck guys! I've always wanted to do something like this, and now's my chance to live vicariously through ya!
Bosco on January 8, 2009 02:39PM
OCC's charity of choice is http://www.learyfirefighters.org/
martian_aphid on January 8, 2009 04:59PM
hope its recorded for those who can't watch the live feed
dr_bowtie on January 8, 2009 06:44PM
there is currently no sound...yikes
ekiM on January 8, 2009 08:43PM
Frank, you may not have won, but those cheerleaders man, they looked like they were about to jump on ya'
DoucheOS on January 9, 2009 12:39AM
Does anyone have a copy of the vid? Congrats on the time. Was your cabling hidden for maximised airflow :P
butthead_pogi on January 11, 2009 05:45AM
congrats bro 7:18 was an amazing feat. does anybody have a copy of the vid? pls send me coz ican't wait to see it tnx. congrats again mr. ccokeman.
Geekspeak411 on January 11, 2009 08:19PM
Good job Frank! Way to go OCC!

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