Samsung Unveils 100GB Enterprise Class SSD

Nemo - January 6, 2009 12:14PM in Storage / Hard Drives

Today Samsung announced its new 2.5 inch 100GB solid state drive (SSD) targeted toward data centers looking for a high-performance alternative to 15,000 RPM SCSI and SAS drives. The SS805 SSD have enhanced performance giving it a sustained read rate of 230MB/s, making it ideal for I/O intensive application such as online transaction processing and video-on-demand services. Samsung used single-level cell NAND flash memory and interleaving along with eight parallel channels along with an optimized controller to increase performance. Samsung claims that with a sustained read/write rate of 230/180MB/s that the new SSD can process IOPS 10 ten times faster than the fastest SAS on the market. Availability is sometime this quarter but no ricing details were released.