Analyst Labels Google a Bandwidth Hog - Google Cries 'Foul'

Nemo - December 5, 2008 02:25PM in Internet

In the ongoing net neutrality war an analyst report, funded by several large telecom firms including AT&T and Verizon Communications, states that Google is a bandwidth hog and uses 21 more times bandwidth than it pays for. Not surprisingly, Google is taking issues with the report and its conclusions. The report claims Google was responsible for 16.5 percent of consumer Internet traffic in 2008. Scott Cleland, president of Precursor LLC., claims in the report that "Internet connections could be more affordable for everyone, if Google paid its fair share of the Internet's cost." Google's response was quickly forthcoming as they pointed to Cleveland's source of funding as a factor in the report's lack of objectivity and claimed the report contains "significant methodological and factual errors" and labeled it "payola punditry". Google goes on to point out the obvious and that is it is the end users who are using their own bandwidth to use Google's services.