ECS X58B-A Black Series Motherboard Sets World Record Overclock

Nemo - December 4, 2008 01:45PM in Motherboards

Elite Computer Systems announced the release of its X58B-A Black Series motherboard for Intel Core i7 processors. Targeted directly at the enthusiast market, ECS is touting the board's overclocking capabilities. Using air-cooling alone, they were able to push a Core i7 940 past 4.0GHZ achieving a B-clock speed of 215MHz, claiming a world record in the process. The Quick Path Interconnect bandwidth jumped from 4.8GT/s to 7.7GT/s. Almost lost in the announcement are some of the other features of the board including all solid capacitors, Qooltech II cooling technology and ECS' M.I.B overclocking utility. More information can be found on the ECS website. Pricing and availability were not announced.