Core i7 Record Set At 5510MHz

jammin - December 2, 2008 12:43PM in CPU's

Motherboard manufacturers are always proud to announce when a record has been broken using hardware it has produced, and there is no exception in the case of ASUS, with its Rampage II Extreme being used to take an Intel Core i7 Extreme 965 to the giddy heights of 5510.09MHz. This was achieved in the capable hands of 'duck', a Japanese overclocker who also happens to hold the world record P4 frequency (8180.4MHz, set last year). Naturally, ASUS is playing up the overclocking features of the Rampage II Extreme, which allow on the fly adjustments to key voltages and frequencies without resorting to software tweaking. That means if you feel like fiddling with settings halfway through a benchmark run, you can. Now lets see how long that record holds up for.