NVIDIA Tegra by Mid 2009

gebraset - November 9, 2008 07:39PM in Mobile

NVIDIA plans to release its Tegra chip, meant for mobile uses, around April or June of 2009. The chip is meant to compete directly with Intel and their low-power processors, as well as Apple, who bought out PA Semi earlier this year with intentions of developing a system-on-a-chip for the iPhone. The new Tegra chip will include an ARM processor core, a high-definition video decoder, a GeForce graphics core, and other components. Jen-Hsun, NVIDIA’s president, stated that the lineup would include the Tegra 600 operating at 700MHz, and the Tegra 650 running at 800MHz. Likewise, there will also be the Tegra APX 2500 in the lineup, which will also be launched.