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Windows 7 Hybrid Graphics Card Woes

Category: Video Cards, Operating Systems
Posted: 05:29PM

Both AMD and NVIDIA have been working on the idea of hybrid graphics for quite a while now. The idea of both, Hybrid SLI and Hybrid CrossFire, incorporate an integrated graphics chip and a discrete graphics card to allow the user optimum performance and battery life by switching in-between the two. Microsoft’s Guidelines in Windows 7 was released yesterday, and outlines the company’s dislike for the technology used by both manufacturers. The guideline itself states that the upcoming operating system by Microsoft, Windows 7, does not natively support Hybrid SLI or Hybrid CrossFire. It also claims that users who use these technologies could experience unstableness as well as poor performance.

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Waco on November 7, 2008 12:50AM
Vista/XP don't natively support SLI or Crossfire at all...so what's the big deal? It's all done in the driver.
Comp Dude2 on November 8, 2008 09:17AM
Hey, I guess you do learn something everyday, today it is "unstableness" And it's not like its been copied from the linked page....

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