Intel Core i7 Launch Date Set

Nemo - November 6, 2008 08:42AM in CPU's

Intel pulled the cover off its upcoming Nehalem/Core i7 processors the beginning of this week and we saw a flood of reviews from sites as soon as the NDA was lifted. Speculation around the official release of the new processors pegged the date somewhere around the 16th - 18th of November. Now it's official - the launch date is set for November 17 in San Francisco. As we saw from the reviews the first round of Core i7 processors are geared toward the enthusiast and gaming markets. With the launch date set, Intel system builders will be able to have Core i7 based computers ready before the holiday shopping season. After this month's launch there will be other Nehalem-based processors forthcoming from Intel with processors geared toward the corporate and enterprise server segments.