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AT&T to Begin Testing Bandwidth Caps

Category: Internet
Posted: 11:59AM

AT&T is the latest ISP to announce it is testing bandwidth caps with the idea of applying some sort of limit to users system wide. AT&T claims the caps are needed to curb bandwidth hogs. According to company spokesman Michael Coe, 5 percent of its users consume 50 percent of the bandwidth. The tests will begin in Reno, Nevada and will only apply to new customers. The caps will vary depending on the level of service the customer has. Customers with the low-end 768 kbps DSL service will be capped at 20GB/month. The caps increase with the faster plans topping out at 150GB for the 10Mbps tier. However, any existing customer exceeding 150GB in downloads in one month will automatically be enrolled in the plan. Unlike Comcast, however, AT&T will provide users with a way to track usage online. Once you hit 80 percent of your cap AT&T will send a warning letter. Overages will cost $1 per gigabyte.

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iKillSteal on November 5, 2008 05:42PM
If they start capping West Indy after routing a fiber line through my neighbourhood I am going to be so incredibly angry...

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