Greenest SSD Unveiled By SAMSUNG

gebraset - November 3, 2008 08:45PM in Storage / Hard Drives

Solid state drives have recently been known for their fast write speeds, ability to store data without using any moving parts, and low power consumption. SAMSUNG has been one of many leaders in the SSD development stage and is now announcing new solid state drives specifically engineered for the enterprise server market. The company’s single-level-cell, or SLC, is incorporated in these drives, and are said to provide twice the read and write performance of  the manufacture’s standard 32GB and 64GB SLC solid state drives. The new drives are reported to only need a total 1.25 watts of power when active, and as low as 0.3 watts when idle. SAMSUNG claims that even with the low power consumption, the new drives can deliver read speeds of 100MB per second and write speeds of 80MB per second.