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Intel Nehalem/Core i7 Reviews and Pricing

Category: CPU's
Posted: 10:00AM

Intel lifted the NDA covering its latest Core i7 processors and the reviews have hit the Internet (you can read the OCC review here). The processors are slated to launch later this month in time for the holiday shopping season. The chips to be released under the Core i7 brand are the 920 (2.66GHz), 940 (2.93GHz) and the 965 Extreme Edition (3.20GHz). The new Nehalem architecture features and integrate memory controller and a chip-to-chip interconnect called Quick Path. Before rushing out to buy one of the latest processors though, users should be aware they will need to upgrade their motherboards to one based on Intel's X58 chipset which support tri-channel DDR3 memory. As the boards also make use of a new socket users will need to upgrade their cooling solution or hope their current heat sink manufacturer offers a new mounting kit that s compatible with the new socket. Prices are expected to be $285 for the 920, $536 for the 940 and $999 for the 965 Extreme Edition, based on lots of 1,000. No firm release date has been announced but the general consensus is in the November 17/18 timeframe.

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