Sony Patents New Game Controller

ClayMeow - November 2, 2008 11:24AM in Gaming

Rumors of a new Sony PlayStation 3 controller have be circling for awhile now. This week, the new controller is one step closer to seeing the light of day with Sony registering a patent for a "new, break-apart controller with advanced motion-sensing technology." Most suprising of all is that the rumored design looks nothing like the PS3's current Sixaxis controller. The new controller design consists of two Wii-like remotes with large glowing spheres at the end, which can be used separately or connected in a variety of configurations. The PlayStation Eye camera will be able to determine the controllers' positions in three-dimensional space thanks to LEDs and ultrasonic sound emitters within the spheres. Gaming companies often come up with bizarre patents that never come to light, so only time will tell if this new controller actually gets manufactured.