Google Mail Goggles Handy For Those Drunken Moments

jammin - October 7, 2008 12:19PM in Internet

There are times when having technology always at our fingertips can be dangerous. One of those times is when you've been out with your friends for the evening and have had one (or a few) too many drinks. Yes, this is when regrettable decisions can be made, particularly if you happen to take it upon yourself to write a few emails. Telling your boss what you really think of him, or an incomprehensible email declaring your love for a close female friend you've had a crush on for ages may have you looking for the nearest hard surface to hit your forehead against come the next morning. Fortunately, GMail has a potential solution to such problems in the form of Mail Goggles. This Google Labs GMail add-on, when enabled (it defaults to late at night on weekends), will ask you to solve a series of math problems in a time limit before allowing you to send that fateful message. For those who like to party more often, you can change the times Mail Goggles come into effect.