New Sanyo Blue-Laser Diode Makes 12x Speed 100GB Blu-ray Discs Possible

Nemo - October 6, 2008 11:28AM in Optical Drives

Sanyo Electric is touting its new blue-laser diode that is almost twice as powerful as the most powerful laser in today's Blu-ray systems. That increased power will translate into faster speeds and the ability to burn more data layers. The fastest Blu-ray disc systems today run at 6x speeds and can burn two data layers. With the more powerful laser that will increase to 12x speeds and four data layers. With 25GB per data layer, a four-layer disc can hold 100GB and would only take about 10 minutes to burn at 12x speeds. Don't expect to see systems with the new technology in stores anytime soon as the development lead time involved with creating new systems means there's a 1- 2-year lag.