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The Return of Neosploit

Category: Bugs / Virus
Posted: 09:38AM

Last July, researchers claimed that a notorious hacking tool, Neosploit, had been retired by its creators due to market economics, namely the fact that it was priced higher than the competition. In what may have been a ruse to lessen scrutiny by security experts, the authors posted a going out of business message and seemed to go dormant. All of that has changed as Neosploit is back with a vengeance and is being credited with a surge in attacks against computers with unpatched security issues. Researchers have uncovered a new Neosploit build dated after the group announced its retirement and found evidence of up to 250,000 attacks having been carried out through compromised web sites. Apparently piracy is an issue even among the criminal element as the new Neosploit code includes improved DRM that tightens licensing restrictions and ties the use of the attack code to a specific user id and IP address.

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