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Free Wireless Broadband Running into Roadblocks

Category: Internet
Posted: 06:19PM

Apparently the idea of free wireless broadband doesn't sit too well with some of the mobile wireless carriers. According to M2Z Networks, the company proposing the idea on currently unused spectrum, mobile carriers, such as T-Mobile, are pressing for interference protection guarantees in an effort to block the plan. In a case of “he said, she said” both sides are arguing the interferences issues before the FCC. M2Z claims that the proposals go beyond any protections currently in force and would end up banning devices such as microwave ovens, Wi-Fi equipment and Bluetooth headsets, including devices currently sold by the same wireless carriers that are pushing for the measures. T-mobile claims this is all hogwash and demonstrates a lack of technical understanding on the part of M2Z Netowrks and calls the conclusions "wildly inaccurate".

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