Samsung Netbook Coming Soon?

jammin - September 11, 2008 03:16PM in Mobile

There is no doubt that the netbook market isn't short of choice now that most of the major players have jumped into the fray. It seems that Samsung may be the next big company vying for your mini laptop dollars, with the company's UK division sending out some official product shots to the What Laptop site. It seems that this is pretty standard netbook fair, with the regular Atom processor, 10.2" screen, 1GB of RAM and a choice of hard drives. No word on exactly what kind of wireless connectivity we can expect though (some draft N action would be nice). One of the positives is that it should ship with a six-cell battery that Samsung has claimed has a life well in excess of five hours. It's also not too ugly, which helps, and will be available in white, black and blue. What Laptop are quoting an October launch date.