Intel Readies Six-Core Xeon 7400 for Release

Nemo - September 10, 2008 10:59AM in CPU's

Intel is expected to release its six-core Xeon 7400 processor to coincide with VMWare's VMWorld conference that begins next week in Las Vegas. The Xeon 7400, formerly known by the code name Dunnington, is based on a single piece of silicon, unlike Intel's quad-core processors which use a pair of dual-core chips. This processor is aimed squarely at the virtualization market allowing users to run a greater number of virtual machines on one physical server. The Xeon 7400 will also be useful for large transaction-based applications and databases which already take advantage of multi-threading. AMD is also working on a six-core chip, named Istanbul, but isn't expected to make it to market until the second half of 2009.