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Chrome's Tracking Raises Concerns

Category: Internet
Posted: 06:30PM

As we previously announced, Google released its new broswer Chrome early this week. Not surprisingly, many OCCers quickly downloaded and tested it out for themselves; after all, we're all computer enthusiasts here, right? But almost just as immediately, Google's trustworthiness was brought into question in the forums. Well it seems privacy advocates are equally concerned. That's because, by default, Google records your IP address as well as anything you type in its "Omnibox" (aka. the address bar). And by everything, I mean everything...whether you hit Enter or not. Did you wonder how Chrome could present results in its Omnibox in real-time as you type, similar to Vista's Instant Search? Sure, it goes thru your broswer history first, but it also sends the data to Google's servers to analyze what you're typing and figure out the best sites or searches to display. Google says that if a user turns off the auto-suggest feature, selects a default search provider other than Google, or uses the "Incognito" mode then data won't get sent to its servers. Nevertheless, for many paranoid users (and let's face it, there are a lot of them nowadays), they still won't feel secure with a browser with Google's name on it.

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